Vision Mobile RV Repair, LLC


Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Dometic/Atwood water heater. Can I remove the plastic plug and install an anode rod?

No. Water heater manufacturers use two different types of tanks, one aluminum and the other a glass-lined steel tank. With the steel tank, an anode rod is installed into the tank (with pipe threads), and the anode rod will sacrifice itself, that is, decompose until
the aluminum or magnesium has completely gone from the base. An aluminum tank does not require the use of an anode rod. Dometic/Atwood water tank are aluminum. Also, the plastic plug is a safety feature in the event of overheating.

Do you work on Motorhome engines?

No. We currently do not work on the motor-home engine, drive train or transmission.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Check, Zelle, credit or debit card. There will be a 3% convenience fee applied for credit or debit card.

Do you accept insurance and extended warranties?

Yes we do. We do not accept manufacture warranties. Please see Warranty Guidelines.

My RV was involve in an accident and there was some damage to the body of the unit. Do you provide mobile collision repair?

We do not provide any mobile collision / body repair.

I need repairs performed immediately and I do not want to wait for a mobile Tech to repair my unit. Do you have a location where I can take my unit to be repaired?

We are a 100% mobile only service. Our goal is to service our customers in a timely manner with quality service. Sometimes, depending on the time of year, this is not possible. But we will continue to evaluate our service response time and hire quality mobile Techs to reduce the wait.