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We Are Dedicated To Provide Quality And Dependable Mobile RV Service.

Service Call – $90

The Service Call is a convenience fee that is applied when a request is made to service, repair, troubleshoot, or diagnose an item or issue concerning an RV. Up to 10 items could be covered under the Service Call if all items were presented during the initial visit.

The Service Call will be charged on the initial visit. No additional Service Call will be charged if more visits are required to complete the same repair. If a repair is needed and was not a part of the original visit, an additional Service Call may be charged.

Each customer is charged a Service Call even if we are in the same RV park or area. Exceptions will be made to customers with multiple units registered in their name.

The Service Call is not applied to any labor that is performed to service a customer RV.

The Service Call is not applied to any deductible the customer pays to execute an Extended Warranty claim.

All pricing below does not include the Service Call and should be considered when selecting a service.

Labor Rates — $170 per/hr

There is a thirty-minute minimum charge for our first visit ($85).

The labor rate starts once we arrive at your location, and the work begins. The labor rate is based on a standard flat rate per task based on an industry-standard guide and not by time spent on the task.


Appliance Diagnostics Special

If an appliance item does not work as designed, we can perform a complete diagnostic on that unit to locate the root cause. Below are prices for the most frequently requested appliance diagnostics.

Air Conditioner

($170 – $255 if the unit has to be removed and bench tested to diagnose)

Water Heater

($170 w/rear controls)

Bearing Repack

Single Axle
Tandem Axle
Triple Axle

(All repacks include seals, packing grease, cleaner, and consumables)

Pre-purchase Inspection/RV Inspection

Your mobile RV repair tech will perform the following operational and functional checks:

    • Side-outs
    • Electrical Systems
    • Roof Inspections
    • Appliances
    • Plumbing
    • Generator
    • LPG Systems
    RV Air Conditioner Installation (roof mount)

    (does not include parts, materials, and taxes)

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